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Ideas To Reality

Team-NAYYER was founded in 2000 by two tech-savy brothers Najeeb Nayyer & Razi Nayyer. The enterprise has since then taken off to a flying start. At that time the concept of customization commercial vehicles through fabricated bodies was not only new but also an innovation.


From specializing in automotive styling & design to small scale manufacturing - Team Nayyer has moved ahead to capture a a sizeable market share besides entering a new phase of business expansion.


Bodycab is the flagship of Brand of Team-NAYYER enterprise, closely followed by two other entities within this group, matchTop and sideCAB.


Right from the very beginning, Team-NAYYER enlisted crucial support & guidance from its key material suppliers and vendors such as BASF, Standox of Germany, Owen Cornings of UK and 3M scotchprints of USA.


Such an obsession for quality is deeply reflected in every commercial vehicle out of the thousands of vehicles that Team-NAYYER has built the bodies for. These bodies are under the trademark of BODYCAB which are sleek, aerodyamically designed, fuel saving, light weight, rustproof and stunningly rich with graphics.


No wonder bringing Pakistan to the same international standards has resulted in an elite class of clientele for which Team-NAYYER has been respected and acknowledged for. Leading Multinationals, Nationals, Local, Governmental as well as NGO's are regular clients. Team-NAYYER builds customized bodies for their fleets with a high focus on Quality.


What's the secret behind Team-NAYYER's success??
Simple: innovation, creativity, continuous improvement, understanding market needs and responding to them, fast response time, world class quality, proactive marketing, sales and after sales report.



To develop country’s capability to create an industrial revolution in Pakistan, by designing and developing products particularly in the field of automobiles that serve the varying and ever changing needs of mankind.

Mission Statement

By developing and designing products, systems, services, human resource and professional environment not only fulfill but to exceed our customer's expectations by providing them one window solution. We are committed to earn profits and look after interests of our share holders.

Quality Policy

To achieve the maximum high level of manufacturing, safety, environment standards, quality policy, has been define, explained and implemented at all levels. Superior efforts will be made to improve above objectives and to create an environment that welcome the change for improvement at all levels.