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Ideas To Reality

Team-NAYYER understands that design is first and foremost an attitude, and believes in counter balancing form with function, whilst Art deals with the internally imposed problems, but if there's no external problem, there is no design. Good design is 98% common sense and 2% aesthetics, but to counter balance practical design with only 2% aesthetics, Team-NAYYER creates an elixir from a lexicon of industrial names, movements, innovative manufacturing companies, and materials and processes which opened up new possibilities in the world.

One of the principal reasons to create Team-NAYYER was to bridge the divide between consumer expectations and production design that is not only viable to the consumer, but settles as a trend for more customers to benefit.

To understand why commercial fiascos matter, There comes a need to explain our theory of the edge - which divides the areas of “possible” and “not possible.” This is where our philosophy of ideas to reality comes in.

The area of the possible is represented by those new projects that final customers will be ready to understand. The area of the not possible is represented by new projects people are not able to understand.

Whilst Team-NAYYER appreciates marketers and designers, whom consumers find extremely difficult to understand (Sometimes they create things that could be used 10 or 20 years later) Team-NAYYER stays closer to the needs of today, and works on to cater for the future, to predict it, the company aspires to create it.

Well-organized, mass production companies try to work as far as possible from the edge. They cannot afford to take too many risks. The destiny of a company like Team-NAYYER is to live as close as possible to the edge, where you are able to really explore a completely unknown area of products.